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Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour Package

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Best Chitwan Tour Packages Overview: We arrange a pocket friendly Chitwan Tour from Kathmandu

Best Travel Route: Kathmandu - Manakamana Temple - Pokhara - Chitwan - Janakpur - Lumbini - Gorakhpur

Chitwan Tour Package Price: Tour Package Price Starts from INR 10500/- Per Person

Standard Pokhara, Janakpur & Kathmandu Tour Package itinerary for 6 Night 7 Days:

Trip Duration 6 Night 7 Days
Starting Price Rs 10500*/Person
Departure Date Customizable
Most Popular for Group/Family Tour
Destination Kathmandu - 02N/S- Kathmandu - Manakamana Temple - 02N/S- Pokhara - 01N/S- Chitwan - 01N/S- Janakpur - 01N/S- Lumbini - Gorakhpur

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Why The history of Chitwan Park

The enchanting Chitwan Park, once known as the Royal National Chitwan Park, is a haven for extraordinary wildlife nestled in the mid-south Terai region of Nepal. In its earlier days, this area was renowned for royal hunting escapades, a playground for the aristocracy seeking adventure amidst abundant wildlife. However, recognizing the need for conservation, in 1973, the park was designated for protection to safeguard its diverse and endangered species from the threat of extinction.

Over time, the park's transformation into a sanctuary not only ensured the preservation of its remarkable wildlife but also earned it the prestigious title of a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1984. If your heart beats in sync with nature and wildlife, a visit to the captivating Chitwan Park is an absolute must. Celebrated as one of the most splendid national parks in all of Asia, it offers an unparalleled opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and witness the wonders of a thriving ecosystem.

How to reach Chitwan Park ?

If you are located anywhere in India then you can easily make a plan to visit this beautiful wildlife park as there are many cities connected directly with Nepal. You should know that you can just book cab service from places like Gorakhpur in order to directly reach to the border of Nepal and then enter Nepal to visit Kathmandu. Most of the people who plan to visit Chitwan Park visit the capital city of Kathmandu as this city acts as a center point for all the places to visit in Nepal and Chitwan Park is no exception to this. You should know that there are many tourist buses that leave from Kathmandu to Chitwan Park.

But if you don’t want to go through the hassle of public transport then you should simply go for an online cab booking and take the cab from a city in India to Kathmandu and from there, the cab will take you directly to the Chitwan Park. You should know that it will take you around 4 to 6 hours in order to reach the park from Kathmandu. Climate and other factors might contribute to the time taken for reaching the park from Kathmandu.

Indian railway’s widespread network of rail connects Gorakhpur to every part of the country. Kashmir To Kanyakumari & Arunachal to Gujrat every corner is connected.

What is the best time to visit Chitwan Park?

Chitwan National Park is open for the whole year and you can see all the beautiful, unique and amazing wildlife throughout the year. But if you want to see tigers and some other special animals then visiting the national park during the dry season that starts from October and ends in December will be a better option. Even if you will contact a local guide, he will advise you to visit the national park during October and December. So, visit the national park during these seasons if you want to make the most of your Chitwan National Park visit. You should know that during summers, the climate in Nepal becomes very hot and humid and that’s why you may not be able to enjoy your national park visit during this time. Even trekking during this season will become quite difficult for you because of the climatic conditions.

You should know that during summers, the climate in Nepal becomes very hot and humid and that’s why you may not be able to enjoy your national park visit during this time. Even trekking during this season will become quite difficult for you because of the climatic conditions.

Things to do in Chitwan National Park

There are many things to do in the amazing Chitwan National Park and we are going to mention some of them here.

Jungle Trekking

When planning your visit to the park, you'll have the flexibility to choose from various trekking packages, including half-day, full-day, and three-day options. You can opt for a solo trekking experience or join a group for added camaraderie. It's important to note that the jungle trekking package may or may not cover meals, so it's advisable to be prepared accordingly.

Jeep jungle tours

If you're eager to explore the depths of the jungle promptly, opting for the Jeep Jungle Tour is highly recommended. The cost for a complete Jeep Jungle Tour is approximately $180, though prices may fluctuate based on the season. It's advisable to book this package in person, as online prices tend to be considerably higher.

Elephant ride

Experience the thrill of exploring the jungle from an elevated perspective with our captivating elephant rides in Chitwan National Park. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty as you embark on a remarkable one-hour elephant tour. Our dedicated team, consisting of either elephant owners or those who arrange rentals specifically for these tours, ensures that your adventure is not only unique but also unforgettable. Join us for an extraordinary journey through the heart of Chitwan and create memories that will last a lifetime.