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Sonauli Taxi Fare from Gorakhpur: Holidays Travel

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Gorakhpur to Sonauli Taxi Fare: Your Gateway to Nepal Unraveled

Planning a pilgrimage to Lumbini or a thrilling trek in the Himalayas?
Gorakhpur, a bustling city in Uttar Pradesh, serves as the perfect jumping-off point for your Nepalese adventure. And what better way to reach the bustling border town of Sonauli than by a comfortable and convenient taxi? But before you hop in, let's navigate the world of Gorakhpur to Sonauli taxi fares like a seasoned traveler.

Fare Estimates:

Range: Buckle up for fares ranging between INR 2,000 and INR 4,000 (USD 24 - USD 48), depending on your chosen cab type and negotiation skills.

Factors Affecting Fare: Several factors influence the final fare, like:

Car type: Compact sedans like Dzire or Etios are cheaper than spacious SUVs.
AC/Non-AC: Opting for air-conditioned comfort comes at a slight premium.
Season: Tourist peak seasons might see a fare hike.
Negotiation: Don't shy away from bargaining, especially with local cab operators.

Types of Taxis:

Sedan: Perfect for solo travelers or couples seeking a budget-friendly option

SUV: Ideal for families or groups with ample luggage space and added comfort.

Hatchback: A good middle ground between a sedan and an SUV, offering affordability and decent space.

Booking Options:

Prepaid Taxi: Book your cab in advance through Holidays Travel or Call Now for a fixed fare and stress-free journey.
Direct Hire: Negotiate directly with Us at Gorakhpur railway station or bus stand, We are available 24X7. Call Now

Additional Costs::

Tolls: Factor in toll charges along the Gorakhpur-Sonauli route. Call Now
Tips: While not mandatory, tipping your driver for good service is appreciated. Call Now

Alternatives to Taxis:

Buses: Public buses offer a budget-friendly option but take longer and might be less comfortable. Call Now
Shared Jeeps: These shared taxis are cheaper than private taxis but can be crowded and unreliable. Call Now


Is it safe to take a taxi from Gorakhpur to Sonauli?
Yes, it is generally safe. Choose reputable operators and stick to well-lit routes, especially at night.
Do I need a visa for Nepal?
Most nationalities require a visa for entry into Nepal. Arrange it beforehand to avoid delays at the border.
What is the best time to visit Nepal?
Spring (March-May) and autumn (September-November) offer pleasant weather for exploring Nepal. Can I bargain for the taxi fare?
Absolutely! Bargaining is part of the culture, especially with local cab operators.

How to Reach in Nepal

Via Train: Unlike some countries, Nepal doesn't have an extensive railway network. However, if you're in India, you can opt for a train journey to border towns like Gorakhpur or Raxaul and then seamlessly continue your trip to Nepal via road. At the border, you'll find buses and taxis ready to take you to various destinations within Nepal.
By Bus: Nepal is well-connected by road with neighboring countries, facilitating long-distance bus travel. Buses from cities like Delhi, Varanasi, or Kolkata in India can take you to Kathmandu or other destinations in Nepal. Additionally, bus services are accessible from Tibetan cities such as Lhasa and Zhangmu.
Using Helicopter Services: For those seeking a faster and more convenient mode of transportation, helicopter services offer a great alternative. Helicopter tours and chartered flights are particularly popular for reaching remote areas like the Everest Base Camp or other mountainous regions.

Distance from all Places
By Cab By flight
Gorakhpur to Kathmandu
350+ km/ 10-12Hour
Gorakhpur to Pokhara



Gorakhpur to Chitwan

246km/7h-10 min

No direct Flight
Gorakhpur to Sunauli

96km/2h 20 min

No direct Flight
Gorakhpur to Butwal 125km/3h-5min No Direct Flight

Gorakhpur to Bhairahawa

124km/3h-6min No Direct Flight

Gorakhpur to Lumbini

75km/1h-30 min No Direct Flight
Note- The city from which there is no direct flight Person takes a connecting flight and reaches Nepal.
Gorakhpur to Nepal Taxi Fare
Taxi Fare
  Vehicle Type
Gorakhpur to Pokhra Taxi Cost Gorakhpur to  Sunauli Border Taxi Fare  Seating Capacity  
Mini Cab
Rs 11500
Rs 2,410 4+ 1 Seats  
Honda Amaze 

Rs 12800

Rs 2,520

4+ 1 Seats
Swift Dzire 

Rs 12500

Rs 2,500 4+ 1 Seats
Maruti Ertiga 

Rs 14500

Rs 2,750 6+ 1 Seats
Tavera  Rs15000 Rs 3300 8+ 1 Seats

Toyota  Innova  

Rs 16800 Rs 3850 7+ 1 Seats

Traveler 13 seater

Rs 34500 Rs 10,670 13+ 1 Seats

Traveler 17 seater

Rs 38500 Rs 15,950 17+ 1 Seats
Gorakhpur to Kathmandu Taxi Fare
  Vehicle Type
Price Seating Capacity  
Mini Cab
4+ 1 Seats  
Honda Amaze 

Rs 14000

4+ 1 Seats
Swift Dzire 


4+ 1 Seats
Maruti Ertiga 

Rs 16000

6+ 1 Seats
Tavera  Rs 19,100 8+ 1 Seats

Toyota  Innova  

Rs 19,750 7+ 1 Seats

Traveler 13 seater

Rs 35,950 13+ 1 Seats

Traveler 17 seater

Rs 42,370 17+ 1 Seats
Gorakhpur to Nepal Taxi Fare
Vehicle Type Gorakhpur to Butwal Taxi Fare Gorakhpur to Bhairahawa Taxi Fare Seating Capacity
Mini Cab
Rs 8500
Rs 3500 4+ 1 Seats  
Honda Amaze 

Rs 9500

Rs 3850

4+ 1 Seats
Swift Dzire 

Rs 9,460

Rs 3750 4+ 1 Seats
Maruti Ertiga 

Rs 11500

Rs 4500 6+ 1 Seats
Tavera  Rs 12500 Rs 5500 8+ 1 Seats

Toyota  Innova  

Rs 13,750 Rs 6800 7+ 1 Seats

Traveler 13 seater

Rs 22,950 Rs 14000 13+ 1 Seats

Traveler 17 seater

Rs 25,370 Rs 18500 17+ 1 Seats

How to Book a Taxi With Us?

Simple Steps to Book a Cab with Us:


Plan a Trip

Select a Package or Type of Taxi


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1. Best time to visit Nepal Trip?

Discover Nepal's magic between the rustle of autumn leaves! Your ideal escapade awaits from late September to November. Dive into a symphony of vibrant colors and breathtaking landscapes. Tailor your journey based on your desires, whether it's trekking through the Himalayas or immersing in the cultural wonders Nepal has to offer. Your adventure, your choice!

2. Which Places Visit in Nepal?

Embark on a journey through the heart of Nepal's wonders! Discover the vibrant allure of Kathmandu, the tranquil beauty of Pokhara, the wildlife paradise of Chitwan, the panoramic views from Nagarkot, the sacred grounds of Lumbini, and countless other enchanting destinations. Nepal is a treasure trove of experiences waiting to be explored!

3. How do Travel in Nepal?

your Nepalese adventure with a smooth journey! Nepal boasts a single international gateway, the vibrant Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) nestled in Kathmandu. Picture this: seamless pick-up services await you at Kathmandu Airport, and for those making their way from Gorakhpur Airport, we've got you covered too! Imagine the skies connecting as Air India and Indigo gracefully shuttle you daily to and from bustling cities like Bengaluru (Bangalore), Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Delhi. Your journey begins here – let the winds of Nepal carry you to extraordinary destinations! ✈️🏔️

4. What are things to do in Nepal?

  • Paranomic flight over the Himalayas
  • Mount Everest helicopter tour
  • River rafting
  • Trekking and climbing
  • Paragliding and Bungee Jumping in Pokhara

5. Nepal is Famous for?

Unlock the Treasures of Nepal! Embark on a shopping adventure through Nepal's renowned bazaars, where the air is filled with the essence of Pashmina luxury, the sparkle of Stone and Bread jewelry, the artistry of Handicrafts, the spirituality of Thangkas, and a myriad of other exquisite finds waiting to become a part of your unforgettable journey. Immerse yourself in the charm of Nepal's unique offerings!

6. What Is The Payment Method If We Book Directly Through Your Company?

Once the reservation and traveling dates are confirmed you need to make an advance payment which can be paid through wire transfer or you can make the full payment via credit card after you arrive in Nepal. Note: payment via credit card is subject to be a 4% fee in Nepal.

7. When Are Your Peak Seasons?

🗓️ Peak seasons for the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour:
🌸 Spring Delight: March, April, May
🍂 Autumn Bliss: September, October, November
🚀 Secure your seat with our daily fixed departures announced on our website. Planning for the next adventure? Reach out for pre-fixed departure dates and turn your wanderlust into reality! 🏔️✈️ #PeakSeasonAdventure

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